We are an international trading company specialized in the consolidation of orders from various suppliers to spread the Brazilian culture throughout the world at a reduced price of loading.

We provide logistical and legal assistance to foreign importers and domestic companies looking to export, but have no legal accreditation.

  • Exportation with exchange cover
  • Exportation without exchange cover
  • Exportation of small parcels
  • Special exportation: use and consumption on board, temporary, consignation, and fairs and events
  • Consolidation of orders
  • Identificaton of manufacturers and price negotiation
  • Quotation and engagement of domestic and international freight
  • Quotation and engagement of insurance
  • Logistics service: collection and receipt of goods from manufacturers, fiscal check, storage, packaging, delivery to airports, ports, and customs stops
  • Identification of goods
  • Documents emission:
    1. Exporting license
    2. Proforma Invoice
    3. Commercial Invoice
    4. Packing List
    5. Sales Records
    6. Exporting Records

The goods are accomodated in resistant packaging (with robbery protection), so products reach their final destination free of damages.
We guide our customers to choose the most effective form of shipment (economic mail, courier, air and sea freight) to match  the value of the fare with the time of delivery.